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Pure Synergy Group was set up to establish a group of businesses specialising in IT solutions for SMEs.

Our primary aim is to help SMEs get the most from their IT investments.

With our specialist knowledge, The Pure Synergy Group is able to offer advice on how to marry the benefits of the latest business technology to fulfil your business needs, in the most cost effective way.

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We can help you get started and discover a new way of doing business.

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The Pure Synergy Group has been providing complete business solutions to SMEs for over 20 years. Our group of companies specialise in Accounting and Payroll, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Construction Industry Software (CIS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, Forensic services, as well as bespoke development, business application support and training.

The Pure Synergy Group is registered in England and Wales. Registration number: 03795301