Synergy Forensics

Computer Forensics

for Legal Professionals

Specialist forensic services

Uncovering the Evidence

Synergy Forensics has the expertise, policies and procedures to provide a 1st class service to the legal profession and insolvency practitioners. Since 2003 we have provided a technical solution where computers and mobile phones have appeared as evidence in criminal, civil and commercial litigation cases.

Our specialist team of forensic investigators are trained in the leading forensic hardware and software tools and draw upon a wealth of experience in the legal process. We are able to offer support to our customers from the commencement to the completion of the case, in order to ensure your peace of mind.

We stringently follow ACPO guidelines and industry standard best practice to ensure security of the evidence gathered, the data analysis and reports produced. The clear concise reporting is jargon free and complemented by documentary exhibits where possible and we are available to attend professional conference and provide live evidence in court where necessary.

Providing professional forensic services to the legal sector. Contact Synergy Forensics for further information.

“Our services have been critical in the capture and presentation of important digital information held on company IT systems, which include Servers, PC’s, PDA’s and laptops. ”

Synergy Forensics

For Legal Professionals

  • Computer Based Forensic Investigations
  • Mobile Phone Forensic Investigations
  • Cell Site Analysis
  • Expert Witness Reports
  • Case Conference Consultancy

For Insolvency Practitioners

  • Forensically sound copies and backups
  • Instant access to information
  • Restoration of password access
  • Recovery of deleted information
  • Analysis and reports

Data Recovery Services

  • Hard Disc Drives and Floppy Discs
  • Thumb Drives/USB Memory Sticks
  • Flash Media
  • DLT Tapes, DVDs and CDs
  • Servers and Networks

Synergy Forensics Ltd is a member of the Pure Synergy Group of companies

Established 1993   Registered in England and Wales.   Company No: 02797968